RC 4x4 models (EN)
Spring 2016
2016-03-20: Spring cleansing

Spring off-road drive...
... and thorough cleansing of my HengGuan P402 .
None of these photos was "hand made" – I mean the HG P402 managed not only drive into all these situations depicted on the photos, but also got out of the creek on its own :) .
2016-03-27: Spring cleansing

Spring cleansing of my WLtoys Vortex-A979 . I have to admit, the A979 is pretty water-proof as the vendor states on the box. As you can see in some photos the ESC, servo or electric motor are below water surface. Nevertheless, after shooting these photos the car drove almost two kilometers without a single problem ... just leaving water drops all the way home :) .
I really like the way the A979 is spraying water all around.
Also, I added a Rollei action camera holder turning the A979 into a movie truck. With all the added mass (camera and big battery) it is quite clumsy, but surprisingly stable and smooth even over bumps. The driver only has to be careful about the higher center of gravity – i.e. no sharp cornering at high speeds. However I had to 3D print a few washers to put above the coil springs to keep a reasonable road clearance.

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