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HG P402 @ Dachstein
2015-09-20: Heng Guan P402 at Dachstein, Austria

Does the HG P402 behave well in snow? Well, hard to say in the summer in Central Europe (even in recent years, there is not too much snow at all). But there are locations, where one can find ice even in the summer. One of them is Hallstätter Glacier just below the Dachstein mountain in Austria.
I must admit, taking the HG P402 to Dachstein wasn't the primary purpose of our visit. We were looking for some nice alpine views and panoramas to photograph our RC models. The HG P402 was an ideal candidate though – it is robust enought to test the whole journey including transport to the mountain top ;) , and it is an all-time four wheel drive with excelent off-road tyres.
At temperatures reaching 0 °C the HG P402 behaved well and reliably. The battery was fine and the car drove well through the icy terrain. Of course we didn't drive directly on the slippery glacier. And I'm not joking at this point – walking and driving on the glacier requires some serious ice equippment – ice chains on the wheels and crampoons for the driver and for the camera operator ;) .
But the walk path was safe and we managed to take some interesting photos. We had all sorts of different weather up there – from cold gray clouds where one saw just a few tens of meters ahead to a few shots of sun and bright blue sky.
After we got back, I inspected the chassis thoroughly. There are a few scratches at the differentials and axle suspension rods from the last rock climbing session.
There is some looseness in the wheels and axles which hasn't been there when the car was brand new. The rear wheels have some 10° of loosenes between each other. Part of the loosenes is directly in the wheel-half axle mounting, the rest of it is in the final drive.
The front wheels are of similar state. There is some more loosenes in the front axle joints too.
On the other hand, there is no loosenes in axle suspension rods and or steering joints. We'll see how this evolves in next missions ;) .

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